Grandma & Grandpa = no looting?

First published at in 2011.

Grandma & Grandpa = no looting?

By Noah
Following natural disasters there always seems to be lessons to be learned.  Questions about proper preparations, adequate safety, advanced safety warning, quick civil response and so on.   How this for a new and uncommon question following the Japan earthquake: why aren’t there reports of looting?”

This would be a question of contrast.  Following several recent Western natural disasters (the 2007 floods in England and Hurricane Katrina in 2005), there were reports (and pictures and video) of wide-spread looting, in fact there were several reports of looting following the recent New Zealand earthquake.  Even beyond natural disasters I think of a few recent examples of looting following civil unrest and following “championship celebrations” (the last two years of LA Lakers for example).

What explains this?  I think “Grandma and Grandpa” may have something to do with it…

I’ve got me own thoughts on why… but I’d love to hear yours…

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