It’s a “Hell” of a subject…

First published at in 2011.

It’s a “Hell” of a subject…

By Noah

If your a News junky (like me), especially a Christian New junky (really like me), then you already have heard all about Rob Bells new book that comes out next month.  Some of the advanced chapters have been sent out for review and the reactions have be almost universally (no pun intended) negative.  It sound like Bell may be showing his cards more fully on his view of Hell.  Anyone who has taken the time to listen to his teaching over the years knows that he is not a “literalist” on the issue of Hell.  He is very clear and offers the best defenses I have heard regarding the position, not that I agree with him (his message regarding Hell can be heard “Jesus Wants to Save Christians Part 3″).

We just started a new series “Theology & Life”.  What you believe about Hell (Theology) will shape how you think about your future and the future of all people is, and what your responsibility as a Jesus follower is (Life) .

Here are some links that will catch you up on the Bell book and the reaction:

Here is the link to my message a few weeks ago – “Why Would A Loving God Send People To Hell?”




What do you think?

1.)  Is Hell a real place of eternal, conscious suffering?

2.)  Why does Jesus talk about so much and the rest of the New Testament authors so

little (I think only twice the term is used in the rest of the New Testament)?

3.)  Does God “Send” people to Hell?

4.  What is your reaction to the video Bell put up (

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