I’m thinking of helping my kids open a mobile food truck called “Hotdog Heaven”.  Bacon and Cheddar Wrapped Hotdogs or Top Ramen with Turkey Hotdogs chopped up in it will be the best sellers for sure.  For dessert, caramelized hotdogs.  Seriously.  You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Lobster Bisque with hotdog chunks in it.   Until we launch “Hotdog Heaven”, you can keep up on the news of our hotdog dreams and more here.

The Largent 7 (or L7Racing) are residing on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe.  When I’m not chasing my kids around, I work at Sierra Community Church.  Great place with tons of great families.

Heather and I have been married for 17 years.  At least one of them was good.  Most have been mediocre (at best).  She continues to live with me.  Most of the time.

We have 5 AWESOME kids (I use the word “awesome” lightly and reserve the right to call them selfish brats often).  Levi (now WAY UP to Micaela) Davin, Travis, Avila and Mavic (otherwise know as: “The Bruce”).  = lots of laundry and an ever growing grocery bill.

P.S. –  My sister (whom will remain nameless and who has FINALLY admitted that my artistic skills are far superior to her own) lives in Hawaii.  I’m the surfer and get stuck in the mountains and she’s on the beach!  I’m not even sure she can swim!!!  Thats ironic.  I’m not laughing though.  Miss you Darcie! (sort of).

Site under construction.  Due date… about the time the government pays off it’s debt.  Maybe longer.