Are you a Twit?

Originally posted on (2009)

Corbett says it started with email. I was talking about “tweeting”. Twitter is free social messaging utility for staying in contact with friends or social groups that you subscribe to. It’s free. You can send and receive messages from groups or friends both via text messaging or email. One more way for you to know that your friend got a grape slushy at from 7/11 or for you to hear the latest news from Lance Armstrong.
No doubt email and texting can be useful communication tools. But I can’t help but wonder if we are really better off for it. How many emails have been misread or misinterpreted and lead to unnecessary conflict? Have you ever had a “real” conversation interrupted by someone who “had” to text someone back? Maybe I can wait to hear what Lance had for dinner until I have time to check his web-page…
In following article about “TWITTER”, one of the paragraph breaks caught my attention…
“I’ve decided to spend that time on the handful of people I really care about. I write them real letters”.
I can’t think of the last time I wrote someone a real letter…

Read the article:

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