The dirt on sex…

Originally posted on (2011)

“The real problem here is not that the Bible is misunderstood and in need of revision. To the contrary, the real problem is that the ethic revealed in the Bible is both rejected and reviled.” – Al Mohler

Newsweek had an article about the Bible and sex. The article subtitle is: “New scholarship on the Good Book’s naughty bits and how it deals with adultery, divorce, and same-sex love.” The “new” scholarship offers little that hasn’t been said before.  The issue is as old as the garden – seeking every opportunity to justify our own personal or cultural values we ask “did God really say…”? Only instead of being a snake asking the question its our own voice…

Al Mohler wrote an outstanding rebutle to the article.  The links to both are found below – If you only have time to read one READ THE MOHLER article.

I have to say that I often see how easy it is for me to see where others don’t take Gods Word seriously but ignore areas in my own life where I am guilty of the same crime.

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